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For Subscription orders, sign-up one month, the shipments start the following month, for the previous month’s paper releases.  All shipping charges are included in the subscription cost.  Past months, could be available, but it will be based on supply.  Those that are available will be listed on the website, located under the Order/Registration tab and can be purchased individually.  Additional shipping charges will be incurred for additional swatch orders.  Subscription orders will be shipped within the first two weeks of the following month, for prior month releases.

Monthly Orders

Monthly orders will be filled monthly and will be shipped within the first two weeks of the following month, for prior month releases.  When ordering monthly, you will always receive the prior months paper packs. The monthly charge includes shipping. 

Examples of Delivery

Paper released in January 2021 will be shipped within the first two weeks of February 2021

Paper released in February 2021 will be shipped within the first two weeks of March 2021

and so on..........


Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Please send us an email at to cancel.  Allow 30 days for processing. Refunds will be pro-rated based on the remaining months of the subscription.

Returns and Refunds

There are no Refunds, except in the case of Subscriptions. There are no Returns!

What do you get?

Included in the swatches will be monthly released paper packs of Designer, Tone on Tone paper packs, as well as exclusive quarterly Advisor only paper.  It will NOT include any Paper Buffets, CM promotional papers, that are offered from CM for purchasing a minimum in product, and/or promotional items.

And what else?

Swatch Samples come in 3" X 4” size.  This service allows you to have a sample of each paper offered by Creative Memories without having to cut up and waste your own paper.  No one wants to have odd size and odd shaped paper just lying around.  You also do not want to cut up a whole piece of 12 x 12 paper, to just get that one piece for reference, or a small project!

3" X 4"

This size can be used primarily to reference CM paper packs. When no longer needed for reference, it can be used for any purpose such as punch art, card decoration or for other projects.


Both products will come to you with a divider/cover of light chipboard that has the name, product item number and the month and year it was released.  The samples will not be hole punched so that you have flexibility to use as you desire. 


So "Swatcha" Think, is not affiliated with Creative Memories. It is a service provided by Betsy Detlefs,

Creative Memories Independent Advisor.  All responsibilities for this service are the sole responsibility of Betsy Detlefs, Creative Memories Independent Advisor. All inquiries, requests, or concerns need to be directed to Betsy Detlefs, Creative Memories Independent Advisor, at


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