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It's A Diva Crop Rules

Crop Room- General
Aisle Safety

The crop room is one of the most important areas used by croppers. Please help us keep the crop room safe as possible by monitoring the aisle space around your work area throughout the event. Aisle ways should remain open and clear and should allow safe passage in and around the crop room tables at all times. Because you are provided with ample crop space, please store any items that will block the aisles under your table.


Extra Furniture

No extra furniture will be allowed in the crop room. If it cannot fit under the table, or on top of the table, we ask for the safety and consideration of others, you do not bring it. We will ask you to remove any items that we feel violate our policies.


Drinks and Spills

Please remember that open drink containers and precious photos do not mix. We prefer that you use a covered cup or bottle and a cup holder – both help minimize spills. Drinks provided by the hotel will most likely be in open containers, so if at all possible, please bring a covered drink holder with you and use it throughout the event. We would like to remind you of the lifetime of memories in this room that would be ruined in one instant, by an unexpected spill.

Please be EXTRA careful if you bring snacks back to your table so as not to spill anything!


Lost Items

Be sure to initial your products to avoid lost items and mix-ups.


Empty Spaces

You may notice an empty seat near your workspace. We have people joining at various times throughout the event so please do not spread out beyond your space.

Room Temperature

Keeping the ballroom at a comfortable temperature for all is an impossible task, however, we do try. You should dress in layers so you can adjust to fit your comfort level. If you find the room too hot or too cold, please notify the Diva or one of the event coordinators. The hotel staff has been told not to take requests for adjustments to the room temp from attendees.


Because there’ll be music in the entire ballroom, please refrain from playing other radios or CDs unless it is with earphones.


Electricity will be provided at your seat.  We ask that if you have multiple items needing electric, that you pack an extra power strip and extension cord.  Please also pack DUCT TAPE in case you need to tape your cords down.  For the safety of others, we will ask you to remove any wires that are not taped down.


Crop Room Visitors

We realize that many of you have visitors throughout the weekend. Out of consideration for your fellow croppers please keep crop room visits to a minimum. For everyone involved, it would be better for visits longer than a few minutes to take place outside the crop room. Children that are in the crop room for short visits must be supervised at all times. The only children permitted to crop in the crop room are paying attendees. However, if we receive complaints about the children’s behavior, or the children become a nuisance, they will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.

Please let visitors know that the snacks, meals, beverages and all the vendor services, such as make and takes are for the paid attendees ONLY! Due to the high cost of food, and the fact that the hotel only prepares enough food for our customers, we cannot offer snacks/meals/beverages to visitors. We appreciate your assistance and understanding in this matter.Anytime during the event, we reserve the right to ask croppers and their visitors to leave if the disruptions become too great.



No solicitations, give-aways, raffles or drawings of any kind are allowed at this event.

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