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Rose Bogoslowski

I live in a small town in Manitoba called St. Francois Xavier with my husband and two greyhounds.  We have one son who lives in Saskatchewan.  My journey with CM started when I was exposed to it at a craft sale.  My sister told me to come and check it out but I would not because I knew I would fall in love.  And I did!  That was almost 25 years ago.  CM is in my blood and not a day goes by that I don’t think of CM in one way or the other – what kind of event am I going to plan next – thinking of a customer who would love product – wonder what a particular CM sister was doing that day – what exciting news can I share with my team – when is the next launch day.   CM is part of my family.  I am very passionate about helping people celebrate special occasions or move forward through a difficult time by documenting and sharing their lives “sweet” spots.  Since then, I have made such memorable friendship that will last a lifetime, documented so much of my family’s history, helped hundreds of people start what seemed like an overwhelming task and built a business and team that I admire and treasure.  THIS is my life.


Christine Calvino

Christine has always been a paper and sticker Queen. From collecting stickers in a sticker book as a little girl, to her vast array of stationery and paper collections in her bedroom as a seven year old, the passion for creativity started at a young age. Christine has always loved photos and had a very nostalgic soul, so being introduced to CM back in 2002 was a perfect fit, and she immediately signed up as a consultant when she was in college at the age of 19. She had no customers for a while, but scrapping changed her world and that passion became contagious as she grew her base shortly after. As a broadcast journalism major with a minor in marketing, plus 15 years of experience teaching English and writing, and with success as a leader in social media in other direct sales companies, Christine blends all her skill sets to communicate to her customers and other Advisors the tools they need to get organized, get inspired, and get pages done with stories to tell forever. Now that’s she’s married to her soulmate and has a beautiful one year-old boy, with another baby on the way, her purpose through scrapbooking is to relive those moments from years past and to capture the moments from today. Christine still loves collecting all those stickers like she did when she was seven. But instead of being trapped in a sticker-collector book from the ‘80s, they are now next to all the photos she loves and the stories they tell.

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Lianne Griffin

Lianne got her first camera when she was nine years old and enjoys taking photos. She's been a passionate scrapbooker for over 20 years and a CM Advisor (both Old CM and new CM) for a total of 15 years. She loves teaching her customers new techniques, and enjoys hosting events. Having a team has allowed her to share her business knowledge with her downlines and share her passion of scrapbooking with them. She learned about digital scrapbooking when Old CM launched Storybook Creator and enjoys never running out of the right color paper and having the exact embellishments she needs to complete a page.  Lianne is a true hybrid scrapbooker, mixing both digital and traditional layouts in most of her books. She owns most of the Creative Memories digital content and uses it with her Cricut in traditional books as well as in cards, wall art, page prints, and digital books. She uses the digital content in her business advertising and social media posts, and also creates t-shirts and other crop gifts for her customers.  Lianne has created numerous custom refill pages, mixing digital layouts with traditional embellishments. She has also made custom spines for many of her traditional albums and loves the custom photo album covers. 


Lianne is a retired Telecommunications Project Manager (large cross-organizational custom IT projects as well as large merger and acquisition projects) and lives in Blue Ridge, GA with her husband of 40 years, two dogs, a cat, and 17 chickens. She has two married children, four grandsons, and one granddaughter. Besides scrapbooking, she loves to play with her grandkids, travel and garden.

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Noreen Smith

See her Bio on the "Meet Your Designers" tab

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