Meet your Home Office Representatives

Mystery Guest - I am not allowed to announce, but it is someone who has not attended any of the Crop events in the past!

Mark Lerud, President

Joined Creative Memories: 2001 Positions held: Logistics Manager, Director of Operations, VP – Operations, President

I started working for Caleb the day after we met at the end of July to get the new organization up and running including hiring Shari and Carrie (first two NewCM employees). I was the 19th, as still had a role wrapping up OldCM, so officially joined the payroll in September 2014. We launched in November 2014.

Family members: Wife LuAnn (27 years), Daughters Claire (23) and Tia (20) (To be clear, LuAnn and I have been married 27 years, she is not 27 years old.)

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