Meet your Advisors

Donna Bargas

Donna is a CM Advisor who lives in Culpeper, VA with her husband Scott, dog Owen, and all the wildlife that passes through their 6 acres including the pond. She has been an advisor since the new CM opened in 2014 but has been using CM products since 1999 and worked at a local scrapbook store before CM came back. Donna has always had a passion for photography and preserving family memories and now has two granddaughters to create even more memories!

Ellen Evanoff

Ellen has been scrapbooking all my life.   She goes on to say, my grandfather was a lifelong hobbyist photographer who had everything from a Brownie box to a Leica SLR.   My father shot high school sports action pictures for the local paper so it was natural to have a camera everywhere and to document the pictures in albums.   I was introduced to Creative Memories in 1999 while pregnant with my second son, 22 years ago.   I went to a class, bought all the basic tools, and then signed up to get the discount.  When I signed, I was still an active Duty Naval Officer, wife to Tom and mom of two boys, Alex and Zack.   I never intended to have a business … I just fell in love with the products.   I started scrapbooking with a few besties over the kitchen table and a bottle of wine.  Since then Creative Memories and the people I have met as a result have endured three moves, a tour in Afghanistan, eight different military assignments, a retirement, a transition to civilian life and the growth of online connections.   In the military, you have the folks you are born with and the military family you grow.   I have been blessed with a third family from Creative Memories which is just as kind, fiery, loyal and loving.   I love sharing my photos and stories and hearing those of others.  COVID has been hard because I have had to learn new ways to connect but the CM family is strong.   I look forward for every event to learn a little more about you until we can get back together again.   I scrap everything.  My boys know not to argue on some things cuz there is a good chance I can prove them wrong with a picture.   After all, I have a whole wall of memories in albums with journaled stories.   As I said, I never intended to have a business, I just wanted to continue a lifelong love of scrapbooking but I set it up as one from the beginning, the products sold themselves and the rest is history.   

Sue Baracchini

Sue is from the US and calls herself a Personal Photo Organizer because it immediately opens a conversation when meeting new people. Sue has been a Creative Memories Advisor since 2003. She has a team of 11 downline with CM, and 3 downline with Forever. She lives in Pocasset, MA, a quaint village on the western shoreline of Cape Cod. She loves running crops, and has filled that in-person COVID void by engaging her customers with Virtual Crops since April 2020. She uses both digital and traditional styles in her family's books and customer projects. She loves the outdoors, photography, reading, being active in both their church and community, coached her three sons in youth sports and now embraces the conversations with them as young men, ages 21, 23 and 25. She and her husband, Ken, have been married for 32 years and enjoy sailing their mini fish, playing golf, tennis, pickleball, kayaking, fishing, gardening (mostly Ken), swimming and in the winter, snowshoeing and snow skiing.

Amy Weaver

Amy is an independent advisor from the western area of Maryland.  Her passion for photography and National Parks made Creative Memories a natural fit and allowed her to access her creative abilities in order to highlight the many photographs taken over the years.  Her family now helps with scrapbooks by picking up memorabilia and setting up photos.  Her job as an educational consultant has allowed her to travel throughout the United States and has also allowed her the opportunity to share how memory keeping is a valuable assessment tool for teachers.  After spending much of her own money in the late 90’s, she became a consultant in 2000.  Amy’s currently thriving with the new CM business model and  really enjoys her work as an independent advisor, sharing all of the value and importance of documenting one’s history.


These days, her sons Dale (29), Craig (27) and Griffin (21) are all working on their own pursuits so Amy and her husband Doug have the opportunity to travel to crops across the country and works the CKC pipeline. 

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