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Product: Paper Swatches of Creative Memories Paper Packs

Size: 3" X 4"

Frequency: One Time - Monthly

Cost: $10.00


Monthly orders will be filled monthly and shipped within the first two weeks of the following month. When ordering monthly, you will always receive the prior months paper pack releasement. The monthly charge includes shipping.



Paper released 01/2021 shipped within the first two weeks of 02/2021

Paper released 02/2021 shipped within the first two weeks of 03/2021

and so on!


Included in the swatches will be monthly released paper packs of Designer, and Tone on Tone paper packs, as well as exclusive quarterly Advisor only paper packs.It will NOT include any Paper Buffets, CM promotional papers, that are offered from CM for purchasing a minimum in product, and/or promotional items.


This size will give you a good visual on what a whole piece of Designer Paper will look like.  It is printed on both sides.  If there are items printed on the page, such as Squares for photos, or designs printed in the 4 corners, your sample will capture some of those items. If you choose to use the paper samples later, you are able to make 2- 2’ X 12” borders. You can also make two photo mats, along with many other small projects.


Swatches will come to you with a divider/cover of light chipboard that has the name, product item number and the month and year it was released. The samples will  NOT be hole punched in the upper corner for usage with a ring. This will help give you options for your own individual needs and options for storage and usage

3" x 4" Paper Swatches of Creative Memories Paper Packs

  • There are no returns or refunds for the monthly, one-time paper swatch club.

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